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Monday, January 18, 2010

Puppies available soon

Dan Carpenter of Wing Master Kennels down in Wierwood Va. called me last night to tell me he had a new litter of Chesapeake puppies. Now you know how I feel about Chesapeake retrievers, Tom will hit slush ice with no problem, and thrives in the coldest of waters. Believe me I have seen many a Lab. refuse to hit the water on real cold days, and NEVER has Tom hesitated  to hit it with much gusto! He is smart, hard headed, can play rough sometimes and has a bark that won't be stopped, but has never bitten anyone and plays well with the other animals in our house. This is the same breeder that I got Tom from so you can see I am very happy with my hunting dog. If you want a hard working dog, and have the time and room to keep a Chesapeake Retriever you will not be disappointed with this breeder. I am going down Sunday to look at the new pups, and will naturally post pictures.  Wing Master Kennels 757-442-5500, tell him that "Bill" sent you if you call.

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