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Friday, January 15, 2010

Stop that Noise !!!!!

You have that puppy  boxed for the night, staying in your man cave, and around 1 AM it starts in whining and crying. The wife wakes you up to tell you your dog is crying for it's momma, now I know what you are thinking why don't she just get up and deal with it I mean she is already awake right. So anyhow on with the slippers into the room and in your best voice you sternly tell your puppy to "STOP THAT NOISE". Do not smack it or pinch it;s ears, just a stearn voice, tell it to "stop that noise". Now this will serve two purposes one of which is your wife, girlfriend, mother, won't have to wake you up every night, and your dog will learn from the beginning the command stop that noise. Nothing I hate worse than to be in the blind and the dog barking and whining all the time, and it's handler letting it continue. Tom Brown has a habit of being vocal in the back of the Explorer, just out of my reach, but a loud command to stop that noise makes for a quieter ride.

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