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Sunday, January 17, 2010

No new Gun at the Gun Show

Well I went to the gun show with a specific purpose, and a plan, both which did not work out. I brought my Garand to sell and hopefully pick up a 223 Ruger fluted bull barrel in synthetic stock, tripods and optics. Well I saw thousands of guns, parts, accessories, and knives but no gun like I was looking for. Garands by the score, Mausers from many countries, Russian "at the gate" rifles and enough ammo to defend the whole place against any invader, but no Ruger 223 like I wanted. So I left my rifle in the car, and never brought it in. I saw many in the condition of mine for $950, some in bad shape were bringing $800, and a few with new stocks were in the $1400 range. No real bargains from what I saw on used guns and accessories pretty much what you would pay at Bass Pro or Gander. So I guess I will keep looking for the gun I want, and the set up I like. I am not in a rush so I have time to look around. So keep your eyes and ears open if you hear of something let me know, and if you want a Garand give me a shout.

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