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Monday, January 25, 2010

Target shooting

I like to shoot targets, cans, skeet, pumpkins, watermelons, just about anything that gets a hole in it or goes splat! So in the off season to stay sharp I will shoot my 22 rifle at some 50 foot  NRA targets. I have a couple of metal  post with  3 inch mesh wire fence stretched between them (from when I built my goat pens,) that I stick the targets on. It sets in front of a bullet trap I built out of 1/4 plate steel and set at a 45 degree angle with a sand trap to catch the bullets. I attach the targets with clothes pins to the wire. Much better than wood but strictly for 22's and 17's! If I shoot my scoped 22 target rifle I am out to 75 yds. and the 17 is a 150 yd hole sticker on the rest, bigger than 22 I go to the local boys range where the dirt piles are out to 300 yds. I find that if I practice the basics with a small bore rifle it cost me a lot less money, my shoulder is not wore slam out, and when I do drop that $$$ for large bore I am much quicker getting back on track before deer season.
So lets say you are breaking the ol kan killer out for the first time in a bit, and the kids been shooting it some out back so It could be out of alignment some for you.  Good old iron sighted 22 your daddy bought you from the Sears Roebuck catalog, back in 69. You shot many a squirrel with her and knows she is a good gun. So first you set up a target 15 feet away and shoot three rounds at the target, and she is shooting a might high but dead on center, and you are thinking  that she will be dead on at 50 feet, and an inch low at 100yds. So out you go to 50 feet and she is still shooting high for you, and on this gun you only have up and down that adjust easily so what do you do? Move the sight back toward you one correction at a time and shoot three rounds again, you should now be closer if not on your bulls eye. If you have to raise the shot placement move the sight forward, and if you can adjust left to right move the sight in the direction you need to move the bullet placement. Keep in mind that you should always make small corrections, be very stable and  on a bench when sighting your rifle. Then when you get out in the field shooting tree rats you will be dead on, Like the Patriot said "aim small, miss small" god I love that movie!

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