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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New puppy in the house?

One of my hunting friends just got a new yellow lab, and naturally wants to train it to hunt and be a faithful companion to his family. The first thing to understand is that dogs are pack animals, and now this house is it's pack. If you let it it will become the alpha dog and you will be doing his/her bidding. First thing you must do is establish yourself as the alpha male in the pack. Let's start with just going out the door, who goes first out that door. The dog will want to if you let it. This is a sign of dominance and you have to let them know that you are the dominate one. Now this may seem kinda silly but it is the first step in training a good dog, It is never to early to start. I brought the wonder dog Tom Brown home he weighed 8 lbs and could not really walk so good. I put him in his crate (in the man cave), and training began right then with me telling him to Kennel everytime I placed him in the crate. After a few weeks he moved into his kennel outside and he was told to kennel every time I placed him there. I never have a problem getting him in the pen, or car. Keep in mind if he was in the pack his mother would teach him. Teach him to be quiet, to retrieve game, to hunt,  and she would never use a shock collar or beat him. A tug on the ear or a stern tone of voice will enable you to train your hunting dog with a min of stress. Stay posted as we train my friends dog and watch as he becomes a faithful companion and hunting partner.

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