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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Predator/Varmint shooting

I have decided to get into shooting varmints and some paper for fun. I shot as a kid and was pretty good earning several medals from the NRA. So a low impact sport on me while allowing me to hunt stuff and assemble some new stuff at Christmas naturally. I have decided upon a rifle and looking at optics and accessories. Ruger 223 in lam. stock with bull barrell, optics still up in the air and price is a factor believe me. I would like to eventually add a red light and bi pod for low light applications.
I have a VW thing that is a great hunting vehicle, like a big 4 wheeler you can drive to the hunt, and drive it home, but I will admit it is cold! That THING is never warm, I really hate to take it out much now and it is bright yellow so I wind up walking when I hunt anyway. My wife suggest I sell it and look for a  4 wheeled  vehicle that is better suited for hunting like a Polaris Ranger. So that is a consideration plus it would make a good critter getter. It could be outfitted with a light bar, tow package for the john boat or accessories for establishing food plots. Something to think about.
The Garand is gone  for a fair price making the Ruger 223 possible now, and a start on getting the money together for the optics. It will take me a good year to get it set up like I want I am sure but when I am done she will be accurate to 300 yds I hope.  Let me know if any of you shoot varmints as I have never done it as a hobby and would like to learn from someone first hand. Maybe groundhogs this Spring?


  1. You traded a 30.06 for a .223, a poodle gun? Just as well Jeff cooper is no longer with us. Things like that really riled him. Just kidding though. The .223 is excellent for varmints. You can take deer with it too, but I think that's stretching things a mite.

  2. Nightforce might be overkill for a .223, but it's a fine scope. You may wind up having more in the scope than in the rifle. Not unheard of. Hope your marriage is stable.

  3. My Marriage is stable but my gun safe is full so I gotta cut some things lose, plus I got to pay for the scope right? I like the Monarch scope. I shot it on a 22 mag and it is nice and clean. I really don't need a lot of info in my scope, I have a range finder and a pair of binoculars to hunt with. Nightforce would be outta my price range, but what a piece of glass. Whoever came up with spending as much on the scope as you did the gun must have mighty deep pockets, or worked for the diamond industry! Remember the commercials telling us we had to spend three months salary on an engagement ring? And unfortunately for some people when the marriage ends, the chick keeps the ring like it was expected of you!