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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gun Show a coming!

Some would love to shut down the gun shows but for those of us who love the shooting sports, and support the NRA, there is nothing better. You can find a scope for your M1 Garand, bi pods, and parts. Hard to find military items, and conversion kits for your SKS. They also have antique guns, and reproductions from Pedersolli that are excellent. Timonium gun show at the fairgrounds  is coming up quick a 4 day show Jan.14-17 entry is $7.00 and parking is free. Then Feb. 12- 14, June 19 and 20, and finally Oct.2 and 3rd. Entry is still $7.00 and once again free parking. Now why would anyone want to stop gun shows? Okay you know some people don't like guns so they think NO ONE should have a gun, then there are some who don't like guns that just don't own one, but if you want to defend your self okay with them. Like vegetarians ever meet a veg. that always wants to go on every time you want a steak, telling you how cruel it is to eat meat, then there are some who don't really care what you eat they order the salad with no lecture. Seems more and more people want to get into everyone's business (and wallet) these days, and if they don't like something then no one should like it either. I love my guns, and have an extensive collection of modern, older, and reproduction antique weapons, and ammo for all of them. Some I hunt with and some I shoot, some I have to look at, like a pair of drop hammer 10 gauge Damascus barreled shotguns. Now I would love to hunt with those bad boys, brass shells with black powder, a stool of wooden decoys I carved myself and my Chesapeake retriever. Like my mom said I was born just to late.


  1. Have you noticed the reduced number of firearms at Gander Mountain? When they first opened it was like a firearm toyland for men now they are down to one wall - about the same as Dick's Sporting Good.

  2. Howard is right what was a sportsmen superstore (for us okay) is becoming more like the LL Bean, lots of clothes, some camping supplies, and hit or miss bait. With the closing of Dave's out on the west side we really have no place to buy firearms with any selection.