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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Training your new puppy

A new puppy will be full of energy and demanding that you play with it till it just drops in the middle of the floor exhausted. Then after an hour it is wide open again and playing around your feet and legs, then it squats and urinates in the middle of the floor, and then goes back to playing. This is the beginning of your training your pup to be a good member of the family, and a hunting partner you don't mind in the blind.. Now some will get out that newspaper, scream and slap the paper around yelling in loud tones, maybe a little heavy. Your pup will be confused scared of you and might wet again while you are having that seizure! Let's try this, while playing with your pup you notice that he is sniffing around, maybe in an area he has had an accident before, and now you are not the center of his attention. Pick him up and take him outside immediately, keep playing with him and he will soon do his thing, praise him and continue on playing. Later when he comes in he will drink from his bowl, and you will put him in his cage to sleep off the play session. As soon as he awakens and you hear him yelping scoop him up and take him outside right away, he will soon relieve himself for you and you can play with him for a bit. Associate playing outside with relieving him self outside and if he does wet inside scold him and take him out so he begins to associate all this. In a couple of weeks you will have little to no accidents in the home or blind. 

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