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Friday, January 1, 2010

Snjow goose and the rain

Snow geese have been falling into the area like the rain, and when they both happen at the same time the results can be very wet and cold or very wet and shooting. If the shooting is slow then the morning can be long, but if the geese are falling into your spread then the rain does not seem to matter quite so much. I was talking with a local outfitter the other day and he was telling me he had a group come down to hunt and the rain was falling pretty good in the morning of New Years Eve. When they arrived at the site he explained that it would be wet and uncomfortable in layout blinds, but if they were game he was willing. So the spread was set and the hunters in place and the rain fell hard occasionally. Some geese were falling into the spread but after a bit the men had had enough and the shooting was spotty, so they left the field and called it a day. Now here is the gray area, the outfitter did not stay with the group, but left them to scout geese for the next day. So here is the party laying out with no guide, spotty shooting, and wet to the bone, and let's throw in cold also. They packed up and left the field decoys out, layout blinds left out, and drove away. They called the outfitter and told them that he did not provide a guided hunt, shooting was poor and they wanted their money back. What do you think about this? Were the men right in asking for their money back? Did the outfitter provide a guided hunt? If you book a Bear hunt the outfitter does not sit with you, if you book a deer hunt the outfitter does not sit with you. A Turkey hunt or elk hunt the outfitter may stay with you or drop you off depending on what you agreed to.
In my opinion, you knew that was coming didn't you, a waterfowl hunt I would expect the guide to stay. I mean he is the caller and calls the shot for the group, adjust the spread to meet the weather conditions, and makes sure everyone follows the rules of the hunt. If he needs to scout then he should have provided a guide for them while he scouted, or after the hunt was over do his scouting for the next day. To avoid any hassles or misunderstanding the group should ask up front if a guide is provided, or are they on their own. Will the hunt be called because of weather, or must you make good clothing choices for the day, come hell or high water you are going to hunt. I am sure this will make it's rounds and it will cost the outfitter customers, and I am equally sure that the same mistake will not be made twice with this outfitter.

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