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Monday, January 11, 2010

More training your puppy

Okay we talked about house breaking your new puppy and I know some are wondering about putting down papers for your dog. Lets look at it from a dogs view. Your are sitting back with the remote channel surfing Spike and Extreme television,and have the paper strewn all around your recliner. Just as you get ready to pick up the sport section and read about the Redskins latest ass whopping, you discover that your faithful companion has left for you, a steaming token of his appreciation center page. Now also you don't have all those papers to dispose off everyday. So when you take your dog out for his walk make it a habit to take him/her to the same place and tell them to" be a good dog", or if you can let him off the leash to "Hi On" or "Do your Business". This will let you dog know that this is the area he should use and will actually want to do his business in this area everyday. When the wind is blowing a gale and it is cold enough to freeze a brass monkey, this is a good thing for all concerned. Also you won't step in it at night barefoot, which is also a good thing.

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