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Monday, January 4, 2010

The armed Citizen and The Judge

Reading through my American Hunter magazine, the official journal of the NRA, I always go to the "Armed Citizen" first.  It is filled with accounts of people who have saved their lives or property by the use of firearms. Once again proving that someone who is proficient, with firearms is better suited to protect themselves against the unsavories amongst us, then those who elect to become victims. Now taking a life is a big decision, and once the trigger is pulled you cannot change your mind, but if it is you or them then I am going for me and my family. There is a new handgun out that fills the need for home protection called "The Judge". It shoots a 410 shot shell or a bullet your choice, but coming down a hall way, the shot shell is spot on. I saw one of these bad boys in action and believe me it will stop an intruder in your house. If you are looking for home protection look no further than "The Judge".

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