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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maryland Bill and Gun Permits

The Daily Times had an article on page 5 today about a bill that would honor gun permits from PA. VA, and DE in the state of Maryland. D. Smigler Sr. Republican from Cecil county proposed the bill, but that is all it said. Not right to carry permits or concealed weapon permits, just gun permits. Now I have not looked into it and what you just read is out of the Times, so if anyone has input now is the time to let us all know. As you know the Second Amendment seems to always be a big deal and this sounds like it might be a good thing for us who are into shooting.  I like to  read "the armed citizen" in my NRA magazine and how a responsible gun owner protected their family. Many times the perpetrator winds up dead or wounded some times just scared away, but the victims are safe from harm. Maybe the government will make us put signs in our yards, as a warning that there are guns in the home, or register on the net. Then bad guys could check out which Responsible citizen would be armed and dangerous and avoid that home. Just a thought


  1. I'm anticipating this bill will go nowhere. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Maryland one of the few states that does not even allow off-duty police officers from another state to carry in Maryland? Another reason I can't see this one going anywhere is that if passed it would give credence to the calls for Md. to make it's own Concealed Carry laws less restrictive. Let's face it, our state's handgun laws blow. I'd love to say I'm wrong on this, but effectively our state is run by the whims of liberal legislators in 4 counties across those bridges. And BTW, how is your CCW application coming along?

  2. I'm with swampcritter - while i would LOVE to see this get passed, I know it won't.

  3. I think you guys are right on with this, and like Critter said I don't really see it happining. But let me ask tou guys this; why? Why won't it pass if this is what the people want, why would our elected officials not follow the desires of the peopl who put them in office? I thought that is what they were suppose to do. Not what they want but what we want. Unfortunatly those 4 counties on the west bank do not have the history, association, or traditions associated with guns and would just as soon you not have one. You know if a liberal does not like guns then no one should be able to own one. That is why the Easterm Shore should be it's own state sucession now!!! No but a vocal minority continue to act like it should be all one way, their way. I got to apologize here I said from the get go I would not get real political here but sometimes I just gotta vent!
    CCW status: I spoke with a deputy Sheriff who basicly directed me to the MD. State Police. And I haven't gotten in there yet, but I suspect that being from DE my chances are about Nil!

  4. Did you mean secession? You are a dangerous man! All kidding aside, secession is more likely than the odds of a sane carry law.
    There may be other alternatives. The legislature could pass a law specifically exempting certain counties on the Shore. Those counties would probably have to hold a referendum approving such a move before approaching the legislature.
    The Sheriff could perhaps conditionally deputize individuals, after a thorough background check of course. That may present a liability issue that makes that county responsible. Or the Sheriff could possibly do this legally under Posse Comitatus laws, which I believe are constitutional, inane state laws notwithstanding. The situation would have to be dire (it is IMO) to warrant this. The General Assembly probably wouldn't let that one stand, and could withhold appropriations for that county.
    Your points are well-taken Biazzio, and I agree, but politicians are loathe to release their grip on us.

  5. Critter, my spelling sucks! You are correct the ruling class (politicians) will always keep us under their thumb.