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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh what a hunt!

It seems that my hunting sometimes just goes wrong from the get go and this year has been loaded with them. This morning I get up early and load up the retriever, I should call him my trusted companion cause I am not killing ducks for him to retrieve! I head on over to the marsh, It is a beautiful morning and I could tell sunrise would be an excellent show. I get the black duck, (my wooden duck boat), in the water and load up my decoys, gun and shell bag, push pole and call for Tom to come on a get in the boat. Now the Black duck is a overgrown kayak, much wider and deeper but with the same lines, and very stable so I usually push it with a push pole thru the marsh. I get it next to the dock in the boat house and get settled in call for the dog to come on and just as he steps on the deck to sit down in his spot in the cockpit he puts his paws on the same side I was sitting on getting me off balance, causing the boat to rock and I slowly and with much grabbing of air, wind up with my ass in waist deep water. Fortunately I had on my neoprene waders, wool pants and shirt with my gunning jacket, so I did not get wet, just  mad as hell that I had gotten in the water. Tom just stands in the boat looking at me with that toothy grin of his and decides we are swimming so he jumps in and swims out the boat house and out into the creek barking while I am sinking slowly deeper in the mud. I wallow my way out of the sticky mud so familiar to duck hunters, and get my buttocks up on the dock, Tom comes back and climbs up to me, gives a big shake soaking my face with dog water, and turning around in circles. I finally brush up a spot in the marsh and settle back with the dog and watch the Snow geese get up off the bay. I did not see any edible ducks, just a ton of Merganzers and Buffle heads which I don't eat so I am not big on shooting them unless I have a use for them. So another adventure, and another story, now that I am warm and dry it was kinda funny. Keep in mind the difference in this being a funny story and not a tragedy was that I was in the boat house next to the dock and able to just climb out. In open freezing water this story could have been very different for me. 

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