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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Working for a living or not.

I am looking for some form of ATV/off road type of vehicle for the upcoming hunting season, okay I am getting lazy not old! So yesterday I stop in the Suzuki place in Salisbury to look around. I like the side by side four wheeled machines but they are just way to big to get into the forest without cutting a road, and they had some nice looking ones on display. I like the four wheeler machines, powered nicely with four wheel drive, and lots of stuff to hang of the back of em, and stable of course. The Rokon is the best of the lot but two wheels and me in the woods just does not go together. But back to the reason for the post. I go shopping in my clean clothes with a clean shirt and nice shoes, not a bum and enter into the store to have a look and get some info. I spent a good 15 min in there looking at a variety of machines, and no one asked me if I needed help! Not one person stopped me and asked me what I was looking for, or if they could help. Now there were people standing around talking, couple of parts guys, one person was hanging a poster about a upcoming promotion by Monster drinks I think it was, another at a desk on the computer. Not one person came forward to help a customer, 5 people eating up payroll. I even wandered around for a few min. just trying to get someone to come forth. Bad thing was they had a machine there that I was very interested in, just the right size for my needs.
Not getting any assistance I walked out the store and went to Harley Davidson of Seaford, to look at Polaris equipment, top of the line equipment but pricey. I was not there 5 min before I had a salesmen talking with me and showing me the machines. The electric side by side was super quiet, the four wheelers nicely displayed and the sales guy on target, not pushy just very helpful, a totally different atmosphere, gave me some info and prices and even took a look at my Chesapeake retriever, very personable guy.  In fact when I am able to pay for the machine I will def. return there as I am sure the service will be just a good.
My next stop was at the bike shop in Seaford to get a bicycle tube and some stuff for riding the bike around the block. Another first class establishment, the people were super nice and very helpful, even gave me a quick lesson on changing my tires along the road side for free, and he had customers in the store. In fact he was able to hold many irons in the fire at one time and made each of us feel like we had his personal attention, def. multi tasking! So what gives with the different stores and the service one can expect? I would suspect that in these times a customer going into a store would get the best service possible, but not so. In fact I am seeing just the opposite to be true, is it because unemployment is seen as a job by some with benefits, do people just not care about you the customer or their place of employment. I will tell you the two places I did get service it was first class and they will get my business again I am sure. Will anything change because of this post? I doubt it, the people I dealt with more than likely do not even know Delmarva Sportsmen exist, and this post is not going to make much difference. However if you are reading this you know we exist and may be just maybe you will  visit the two places that did deliver. Good hunting stay cool.

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