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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pre season

I know it is August almost and it has been hot as heck but it is inevitable Bow season is coming on strong!!! So what is a man to do during this time frame? Why scout of course, drive around your hunting spots while the beans are fresh and green giving them a good glassing with your optics. Take a walk down your hunting lanes with the weed eater and blade and cut some branches out of the way looking for some sign. Deer will be rubbing velvet before you know it, are you going to be able to use the same tree this year? It is gunpowder dry right now so at  any water source you will be able to check track and see if the Big boy is still around. And let us not forget that right now is the perfect time to set up that stand in the yard and throw some arrows now while you have light in the evenings,not the day or two before the season gets going!!! Check out your stand and make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place and working right, swap out those wimpy nuts and bolts with something you can get your hands on this winter with gloves on, and do not forget to place a couple of extras in a sack and duct tape the sack to your stand, nothing like dropping something in the dark and be up that creek with no paddle. Hang your trail cam now and get some pictures of your trophy and trespassers keep in mind the DNR is there to help you not harass you so be legal, and if you are having problems let them know now. Today I am calling the De. DNR as I have a couple of questions I can't find answers to. Like this one with the state wildlife area signs, "Special Rules Apply" well I cannot find the special rules in my booklet I get with my license so I will find out early on and not at the end of my hunt when the DNR officer and I are having that discussion along side the truck. Being a disabled veteran and a game land hunter is it permissible to use an ATV or other mechanical device for me to gain access to public hunting areas, I mean I am not wheel chair bound by any means but a hike of a couple miles and dragging deer takes it's toll on a brother for sure! So drop off your bow and get it tuned up, practice, scout and check your equipment before you hit the woods, Enjoy and share your hunting stories with us...that way I don;t feel so bad when I see other people miss trophies too!!!

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