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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boat Races in Cambridge

I like boats, I like to go fast in boats (not cars) and today I have the opp. to go see some boats go fast and visit with some old friends of mine. When I lived in Florida they had a marine  place for boating events like races and stuff. It was built like a ball park a huge concrete structure built in seats concessions bathrooms and shade. So one day the wife and I along with a friend made our way to West Palm beach to go to an inflatable boat race. Now these are not big engine screaming machines but inflatable boats with horsepower racing around a water course. Now don't laugh these are not you zodiac tender boats, well some were, but duel engine beast that were inflatable! I have to admit it was not quite as exciting as watching hydroplanes or drag boats but still pretty exciting if not different. I am thinking I might try and get over there today or tomorrow check out the boats and watch some of the action. Of course with the temps hitting double or even triple digits my visit may be short if not sweet!

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