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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sky Diving

Having been a pilot in command of small planes you are always on the lookout for someplace to crash I mean land the plane if something goes wrong. Today there are any number of devices that will help you get down safely if the plane decides to experience rapid deacceleration syndrome with the earth. One is a parachute that lets the plane down slowly or reduces the impact some, another is a parachute for you to jump out of the plane with! Now so  long as the prop is turning, and air is flowing over the wings you can get some lift, and I am going to have to think about leaving the plane and taking my chances. That leads me into this post of people who willingly jump from perfectly good aircraft or Skydiving. There was a time when I thought that something like that would be a rush, this coming from a man who hates a ladder remember, and my wife spent good money for a gift certificate for me. I lost my nerve and the money which if you know me really burns me up! But I see the plane every weekend and people coming out of it like bees, chutes opening and them soaring around in their chutes like birds. And I am wondering just what takes place, understand I am still not going to leave a good aircraft, but what is it that goes on that makes this sport so appealing? I think I might do a series of post on this sport just to see what the hoopla is about, talk with some of em, check out the plane watch em jump out and get a real feeling for the sport. What or how does the first time jumper react when faced with the very real possibility of making that big step into the unknown. Heck I got funky walking out on a glass floor 40 stories above Vegas for crying out loud. Now I am going to go to the airport in Laurel De. where they jump from and talk with the people over there. Could be they don't want me doing this and I get shut down, or they embrace the ideal and let me see the whole process from soup to nuts. I am not going to actually jump from any perfectly sound aircraft I assure you but hope to have some really killer pics of people who do. Stick around and we can see what develops, you never can tell!

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