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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gun law

So the Supreme court says you have the right to protect yourself and your property,but the city of Chicago says okay but just not outside. This is just what many of us who are NRA members ,sportsmen, and moms and dads are concerned about. "They" will never take your gun, just make it so you cannot use it. Just who the heck are they anyhow? Can only have one operational gun in your home! Cannot go outside with it to defend your life and property. Personally my friends this is all wet, and reeks of the government being afraid of those of us who are able to defend ourselves. For an example in New Orleans when the Hurricane struck, now keep in mind they had 5 days of warnings prior to the hurricane landing, what happened? People became savages, raping and looting, killing each other and the government trying to take away the guns of those who were determined to protect their families and businesses. Now look at the Midwest some terrible storms and flooding this year and much the same type of disaster. But the difference here is that in the Midwest people came together, we saw no reports of people robbing or raping. Now both situations are tragic no doubt but the difference in peoples attitudes and behavior are like night and day. Would you want to protect yourself in New Orleans against thugs who only want to take what you have? Would you want to protect your family from  harm if you were confronted by any type of danger to them. No my friends what you see happening is very scary indeed and unless we the People start to take back those rights that some seem to use as their personal door mat it will only get worse. A new administration , newly elected  officials, all will have the ability to return to us the rights we have been given to us by our founding fathers, but the damage has been done and the seed planted. Keep in mind when you go to the polls don't reelect anyone not even your momma!

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