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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have been talking about skydiving here this week and that Wikipedia site is killer for info, but face it anyone can go there and read what I have been posting, but lets talk Airborne, Americas 101st. Now there are a few people who in the military were required to jump out of planes, and when they got out did not continue on with the sport so to speak. Then there are those who never had to jump out but do so for giggles, and then there are those whose sole job was to jump out of planes to execute their duties, behind enemy lines, These guys are carrying everything with them, and jumping out of aircraft at very low altitudes, in fact some of em have to boosted onto the aircraft because they carry so much stuff. Navy SEALS and RANGERS all Special forces train in parachute insertion, and when you are sneaking up on someone you do not have a bunch of people backing you up, so you carry it with you. Rifle, supplies, ammo, food everything heck I have heard from some SEAL friends of mine that they even drop inflatable boats  motors, and small vehicles, I saw where they dropped a tank one time, but that was not one of those quite in out kinda things.
Now the 101st has been around for some time WW2 Normandy, the bulge were all airborne big times, and they are highly decorated for their efforts. In fact they are still around today and being deployed in the Vacation  destination known as Afghanistan and Iraq. Let us not forget Vietnam or "The Hump on the 8th of November" my cousin was involved in that one, Not a 101 battle but one of the 173rd Airborne. I bet parachuting for fun is just not that exciting now. So we use parachutes for fun and we use them for war, personally I am glad to see the people jumping over at the airfield, getting their thrill on instead of shooting and banging!

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