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Monday, July 26, 2010

American Hunter

Just got my new American Hunter mag. and you all know that I love my guns and belong to the NRA. One of the first things I read every issue is the "Armed Citizen" portion. People whose lives have been saved by the defense of their property and life. Well this one just takes the cake, I am not sure how to get the article posted  direct but I will give you the readers digest version if you will. Chicago; which Mayor Richard J Daley rules like his personal kingdom, outlawed guns for it's citizens. This was challenged and found unconstitutional (second amendment) Immediately he and his flying monkeys changed the rules of the game which says you can have it not just outside or even in your garage, so on to this story of The Armed Citizen".
An 80 year old Korean war vet, his wife and great grandson were sleeping when a convicted felon,  smashed the window in the veterans basement, the vet retrieved his handgun and the felon proceeded to fire two shots (gun laws do NOT apply to convicted felons) at the veteran. The vet returned fire with one shot killing the felon. Police refused to press charges, even though the man violated the gun ban. Now are the anti gun people going to push this issue? How will we protect our homes with out the necessary tools to do so?
Seems that the good Mayor had an answer for a reporter who dared ask the question "Given the number of shootings in the city is not the handgun ban ineffective"? The Mayor picked up an SKS with the bayonet extended and threatened the reporter with "If I put this up your butt you will find how ineffective it is, If I put a round up your...." I can almost tell you  what would happen if a citizen picked up a rifle and made the same statement to a government official. ( See those of us who are gun owners know that we do not joke or kid around with statements like that, only the misinformed and ignorant do that.
of course I did not mention the death of one of Chicago's finest, an off duty officer, murdered by thugs. 30 year old Thomas Wortham, murdered in front of his family's home by four gang-banges looking to steal his new  Motorcycle. Now his father who is a retired Chicago police officer and allowed to posses such a wepon legally, shot and killed one and wounded another. His son had just finished his second tour in Iraq and when shot was dragged under the vehicle, One of the thugs Facebook page bragged of having no fear of pulling the trigger, so let's ask our self What Would You do in this situation. Would you defend your childeren and their children or would you ask the thug to please put down his wepon. Just saying

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