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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fruits and Veggies

I love me some fresh fruit and vegetables! I love corn from the garden and I like fresh tomatoes. I love fresh peaches and berries, and even zucchini squash. I made some watermelon rind picked preserves last week and they were killer, maybe make a batch this week and put em up for winter. So today the wife and I decide that we were going to pick blueberries down at Garden of Eden on Nanticoke road toward the Red Roost. Now we have been in a drought and we need rain, like the song says rain is a good thing, right? But this morning it decides to pour about 20 min after we get there kinda cutting us short on our picking time but we did get some berries for eating fresh. I will pick more for the freezer later so I can enjoy them this winter. I love going and getting a handfull of frozen strawberries and eating them on a hot night on the deck out back. Figured I might do up some peaches this year, they are much cheaper by the can at the store but hey what fun is that!

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