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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clamming and crabbing

You know there was a time when you could go out and catch some crabs rake up some clams and have a shore feast, but now you have to have a license for everything and cash to launch the boat. But this week  am going to slip out and get me a few for the pot. I like clams chopped up with some garlic and olive oil over some spaghetti. And, to shuck em and make like a clams casino with em, my wife and I can  finish off a couple dozen of those with some sweet corn and tomatoes For a Eastern shore dinner. I like the little ones for steaming and eating right out of the shell with a little hot sauce and vinegar, or a fritter with some hush puppies. So maybe I will go get me some one day this week in the evening when the sun goes down in the afternoon, try and get a fish, sit on the beach and fry up something...but you know I don't like fish!

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