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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Marinade

Let us all face it deer meat is really just the carrier for the marinade. What I mean is that if you did the Native American  way of jerky making it would be air dried meat no seasoning or flavorings just smoke possibly. Today we have any number of seasonings available to us that we can just go down and buy fresh off the shelf. Fresh being a relative term here as any spice you buy in a jar is already old. Fresh whole un ground spices when you can  find them, whole pepper corns and kosher salt will go a long way toward making good marinade for your deer jerky.
So tonight I came home and opened up the vacuum sealed jerky meat I prepared yesterday with my so called "cure" if you will, and prepared my liquid part of the process. Keep in mind that the meat will absorb the salt and sugar carrying the spices with them, the meat juice is replaced by this and comes out. The ideal is not to make a liquid your meat is swimming in but a sauce that it will absorb into the fibers giving us the flavor we like so well. Taste your marinade and you will have a very good ideal what your jerky is going to taste like.  Okay Okay I am going to get to that part here where I give you my recipe for the marinade but first I got to tell you about something I come across Okay Okay
Bills NSS jerky Marinade:
2 tablespoons of hot sauce, (hey man you are the one thats going to have to deal with it so you make it as
                                           hot as you like)
4-5 good shakes of that Worcestershire sauce
Some vinegar
some salt and some sugar not much hand full of each
some black pepper
couple shakes of paprika
mix all this up real good till the salt and sugar melt into the liquids forming a solution. (like that solution)
Pour it over the meat working it so that all of the meat comes in contact with the marinade and is not soaking in it but covered in it.
 Now go and vacuum seal it back up and place it back in the refrigerator over night. Tomorrow maybe I will jerk it or put it away for later.
Some of you asked me what was in the carboy sitting on my cutting table in the butchering pictures. Well actually  nobody asked but I want to talk about that so I figured, you know. I would bring it up. Okay it is Apple cider that I set off about three weeks ago now, and as of two days ago it was sweet as the day I put it up. However today it has come to the front and is cookin like Mom Mom at Thanksgiving I mean a continuous rolling ferment! I will keep you posted I either have hard cider or will be making vinegar.

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