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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drying Jerky

I am still working on building a decent dehydrator from a stainless steel cased freezer. The inside is metal also coated with a porcelain type product and it has racks from top to bottom adjustable every 1/4 inch. Hopefully I will be able to get heat and air into it safely but we will see.
So I am going to use my wife's convection oven when she settles in to watch some television, I'll just wander in and put the jerky on the oven racks, and wander out like nothing is up. In the morning I will have jerky or cinders but I have the feeling I will be making some serious dried deer meat.. I set the oven at the lowest possible temp. and let the fan circulate the warm around some. When I cut it thick it takes some time but I could possibly cut it 1/8 thick and do it in a couple of hours.
Now to keep my wife happy, jerky being her favorite, I will put down some tin foil in the bottom to catch any juice that will drip out while the jerky is drying. So when I get up early and package the jerky in Tupperware all I have to do is pick up the foil, she comes out from her shower and the place is sorta man clean and she has fresh jerky, I am the man!

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