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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's Eat..... okay maybe snack

Well the jerky is dried and packaged up as you can see from the pictures. I did use the wife's oven but got busted when the drippings on the tin foil sitting on the bottom of the stove began to smoke a little. Okay maybe a lot more than a little but I was quick and the smoke alarm did not go off. So I turned the oven to off and left the door cracked some to allow it to dry some more. I then set the oven on warm again so I could continue with the process thinking that new foil and all were the ticket, not to be after about 90 min she is smoking again! This time a piece of jerky had fallen to the floor of the oven and was gently BBQing filling my house up with the fragrance of burning sugars and meat. So once again I go through the drill opening windows and such but the meat is beginning to dry some. So I get it warm again and this time shut it down close the door and go to bed. In the morning the jerky is almost done and I am getting me a little sample which I must admit was very tasty. This evening 30 min and it was done, I cooled it off and put it in the vacuum sealed packages for the freezer. I will say cutting the jerky thicker was a good ideal it was not powder dry and it made a nice chew. The flavor was excellent, not to hot or spicy, salty enough to off set the sweetness and dried to perfection. Next deer you get ask the butcher to slice you some jerky meat and try making your own.

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