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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay what a weekend so far I have been keeping busy like a one armed paper hanger, and I did not even get out to hunt but let's get going here. I told you ai was going to BBQ so I went down to the local warehouse store and found pork loin on sale for $1.89 a pond and it is boneless lean meat. Now usually I use Boston butts for making sausage and BBQ but I love smoked pork loin on a sandwich so I went ahead and picked up a couple of them and some pork spare ribs. When i got them home I divided the loins into three equal pieces and took the skin membrane off the ribs on the bone side. Next I rubbed them down with my secret rub....  okay really it is just a seasoned packet that I like to use Hickory chicken wing for the loin  and taco for the ribs they are quick easy and inexpensive. Check out the pics for how I cut the ribs down to Saint Louis style, and trim up the loins.

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