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Sunday, October 31, 2010


After I get them all seasoned upo I let them stand for a bit while I get the smoker going. I usually use hickory or white oak to BBQ with and that is what I used today, some weel seasoned hickory. I started the fire and got a real good bed of coals going, when I am BBQing or smoking I use a very low heat. When  got the temp to around 150 I put the meat in for about two hours, then kicked it up to 200 for another three hours, then 230 till it reached an internal temp of 180 degrees. I only sauced it for the last three hours and used  a medium smoke to flavor the sauce. The key to a good BBQ piece of meat is not cooking it like you would in an oven but cooking it at temp's that are just as low as one dares to go for a length of time required to bring the meat up to that temp. Now the difference between BBQ and jerky is that the heat has to be high enough to cook it nice and slow but not dry it out. I never go above 225 degrees.

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