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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where Chesapeake Retrievers come from

You know that I am always talking about my Chesapeake Bay retriever and today I went over to Saint Michaels for the antique boat show. While walking around my wife found a statue of this dog a Newfounland which is the foundation breed for the Chesapeake, retriever. Two Newfoundland puppies were rescued from a sinking ship, by George Law who rescued the two puppies that he named Sailor and Canton. They were bred to the local dogs that showed a desire to retrieve. Most of the hunting dogs of the day hunted upland game and not waterfowl, meaning they were small in stature and not breed to retrieve in the harsh environment of waterfowl.  Anyone who knows dogs knows that the Chesapeake retriever has no equal as to devotion to their master and the family. Notice the front legs and the feathering of the forelocks and the thick hairy tail, this is the retriever that your grandfather hunted with. Today the aggressive nature and hairy thick double coat has been bred out of the dog and many resemble chocolate labs. As for me and mine I will take the old hard head, just don't get out of your car when you come to my ranch!

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