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Sunday, June 13, 2010

RC Air show

It is hot as the first forty yards of hell today yesterday being hot as at the gates of hell, but I am going to the RC airshow out on Saint Lukes road. This is a great show and you get to see some really great model aircraft flying around. I have always liked airplanes real ones and models having built them as a kid and getting 30 some hours of instruction in a Cessna 150 back in the day, so I am still fascinated by them. Some of these aircraft have large motors and can carry some payload. One thing about RC aircraft is that they always appear to be over powered, jumping from the grass strip fast, flying way to snappy and just appearing fake, then you get to see them up close and personal you realize that the flying part is really secondary. The construction on these models is just awesome and the attention to details is beyond reproach. I will have some pictures of the show later on today so come back for those maybe I can figure out how to post a video or two.

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