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Thursday, June 10, 2010


here is my VW THING the ultimate in four wheeler action. Of course she is hard to hide being bright yellow but she is a fun car to drive and hunt from. I am wanting a Polaris side by side for the wife and I to drive around in the snow and such and one I can hunt form. I was going to sell her but I am undecided at this point. I have some new seats and original exhaust for her, new tires and fuel pump installed, naturally a tune up and brake job comming on then through the inspection lane for the summer! I am still undecided on what action I am going to take with her but she is very unique and everyone, even those driving Porsches and Lamborghini want to be driving it when they see her.


  1. dude. she's a CLASSIC. don't get rid of her unless she stops running, and even then, find some kid who loves them to fix her up and drive her. :)

  2. Man she is in great shape and I just took her for a putt this evening, my wife likes her I like her and she is fun. I think I will keep her!

  3. oh good. i was about to have a fit if you dumped her. ;) doesn't help that it's on my automotive "bucket list," and i wouldn't have the spare cash to bribe you to let me take her off your hands.