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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

finished and delivered

She is done and delivered! this is the class that built her, my JR's and it was done in about 6 weeks!
These guys worked very hard on this project, and on Friday they will get their reward for their efforts. Notice that they have all of the construction debris cleaned up and squared away. I am very proud of the boys and the quality of work they put forth. I teach more than welding in my class, the students learn how to work also!


  1. HaHa the guy in the back is flying the bird. Great smoker. Good Job.

  2. oh yea we discussed his behavior today to some extent! Now we cannot send this pic in to the "World of Welding" as a class photo. One in every crowd.

  3. I’m sure this is one event that you look back with pride. :) Welding isn’t merely fabricating metals together; it’s about building something totally new from materials that can be considered as waste. It’s great that you’re teaching this to your students, as this is something they can benefit from. Keep on sharing your wisdom, Biazzio!