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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil Spill?

If you live under a rock then you are not aware of the massive oil spill going on now in the gulf. But as bad as it would appear it is not the worst. Two other spills have gone on longer one in the bay of Capesche  (sp)  down in Mexico and another in Australia. But this one is on our shores and affecting our citizens. Burning the oil releases toxic fumes, capping so far has been unsuccessful and to make matters worse the majority of the stock holders live in the U.K.! What is the solution? Well first an emergency plan would have been in place as I am sure there was, but somewhere it broke down along the way. Deep sea submarines with very strong mechanical arms that the Russians have would have been another resource to exploit. Every 5 days it is another Exxon Valdez disaster and thousands of people are being affected. Some have asked why the government hasn't stepped in and done something, but my question done what with what? They do not have the expertise to perform such task, they do not own the equipment and it is not the governments problem. Don't buy BP products, how will they ever be able to clean it all up, it is a catch 22 all around. Some are calling this Obamas Katrina, but personally G.W. Bush did not order a hurricane and Obama did not wake up and dedcide to blow an oil well shit just happens. And the real offender is us we the people, in the early 70's we saw it coming and solar took off, people were making alcohol fuel with solar panels and flying air craft with alternative fuels, Then somewhere along the way we lost the path to independence from fossil fuels. Nuclear power plants were no longer constructed alternative fuels went by the wayside, and we became a society of being provided for instead of providing for ourselves. So here we are again in the grip of oil this time on our own shores. Maybe this time we will make the grade.

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