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Friday, June 11, 2010

Let's go Hoggin!

Soybeans are up and just the right height to sight groundhogs in. A couple of weeks and it will be hard to see em but right now is perfect. Look for piles of sand in a growing field, usually they eat a circle around the hole, and stay close to that hole. Now hogs are not stupid even if they are roly poly fat, and lumbering so you have to be a little sneaky, not fox hunting  sneaky but sneaky at least. If you can approach with the sun at your back and find a spot where they are actively feeding. get settled in and wait they will pop out of the hole and take a look around, it is important not to move at this time just be still. After he sees it is okay then he will lumber out and 9 times out of 10 will stand up with that classic ground hog silhouette. If you are fast you have a 5 second window to pop em. If you are shooting a 243 a 223 or something like a 204, then you must really be aware of your backstop, shooting from an elevated position and down toward the earth at an angle. Heck even shooting the .17 or a 22 you should follow the above rules anytime anyhow. Now if you are like me I see these fat devils right alongside of the road where they know they are safe. Anyhow shoot safe, be aware of your backstop, and like Mel said in the "Patriot" aim small miss small.

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