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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Local Fishing

Some of my friends are telling me of flounder being in Tangier Sound, but there seems to be few keepers. Of course the ever popular hard head is out there now and shrimp soaked in shedder oil seems to be the ticket. I like to use a squid strip that I have soaked in salt water for a few hours, that turns them super white and makes em tough too. The gulp baits work real well and the artificial bloodworm "fish bites" seem to be the ticket sometimes. Nice thing about them is that they do not require any ice! Now we all know that fishing is best at night or right on the edge of dark. The last 30 mins of the sun on the water  is the ticket to big fish. Big fish come out in low light conditions and begin to search for easy prey. I love fishing the outside portion of the outer wall out of LEWES DE.and have taken many large Rock fish from there. Croker also love to come out at night and salad shrimp will take Horse croker in the evening hours. Of course we all know you don't have to catch fish to enjoy fishing but damn it helps!

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