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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where you been?

I have been away for away for a couple of weeks, my job gets very busy at this time of year and I love to Turkey hunt, so I have been slacking some here. But lets talk fishing for a min. Our friend the web foot gangsta lives like a stones throw from the Chesapeake bay proper and can fish the tunnels at Hampton Roads  or the bay bridge from his Carolina skiff, immediately after work, every night of the week the weather cooperates. He has been slaying bluefish rock and flounder on the regular using Yazorri plugs and the moving tide to his advantage. Fat bull minnows, spot. ells, squid strips in various combination have been effective. Soon I will have a report from the bay and sea side of the Eastern Shore of Virgina on the coming on hard heads and Flounder from Gargatha and Watchapregue. If you like fishing out of Kayaks check out this guy Kayak Kevin. I meet him once at the ramp down at the Kiptopeake state park in lower Virgina and he is one extreme fisherman and extremely successful for a variety of reasons, Google Kevin up and see what I mean. Tomorrow morning is ground hog time!

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