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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rock Fishing trip

The morning started at 4:30 am I am at the Web foot Gangstas house  getting a coffee and helping to get right before we head out for the morning. We are waiting on John Winn the turkey slayer and his Dad to arrive so we can travel together to the ramp. Finally everyone gets there and we get his boat hooked up, actually I just watched being a Veteran and all that. and off we go to the ramp with a stop for ice and another coffee okay doughnuts too. When we get to the ramp the sky is turning a rosy pink and the water is slick calm, in no time we are in the water. Now the gangsta has a Carolina skiff with a 25 fourstoke on the back and she is not fast but stable for the fishing we were doing. We get on point and I grab the hook throwing it out into the fast moving water we drift back and let it get a good bite. After it takes hold he kills the motor and in seconds we are baited up and in the bay with fresh bait on and positive mental attitudes. I do not want to get where I am going and have to rig up, I am ready when I cut the motor to get bait out and fish on! Within min. we had our first Rockfish, a 29 inch fatty that we quickly returned to the water we knew the bite was hot and practiced a little catch and release early on paying sacrifice to Poseidon with our return of the fish. In 5 min another fish on this one 20 inches perfect for baking in the oven and in the cooler, fish after fish followed and by 8 AM we had our limit of two fish each and had returned to the water seversal more that were too big or just over limit. Our friends moved into the slot and soon had their limit also, a few  hard heads thrown in for good measure made us have a great morning feed. having limited out for the day eqarly on left us lots of time to get a nap and clean the boat for our next trip out. That evening we returned and repeated the morning except this time we could not keep any rock fish having met our limit for the day early on, so we caught a few hardheads and a drum fish, a perch but no spot yet. Sun Am we went back out and got our limit of Rockfish again on the morning feed, knowing that we would have to fillet every fish we had caught in the past couple of days, we did not keep any hardheads or perch this trip out. Here are a couple of pics of the fish. keep in mind these fish are the combined efforts of several fishermen and not the total take from the Webfoot Gangsta and myself.

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