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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off road vehicle or VW thing?

I own a VW thing that I have had for some years now she runs good but is needing a carb now so I guess I gotta sell her or get her a new heart, she needs new shoes also now and her fuel supply is questionable, like everyone of us she is getting older. At 36 though she still is a sexy thing painted bright yellow she stands out in a crowd, but her seats are a little ragged but she keeps em covered with a fresh top. I am thinking of a Polaris Ranger side by side to use hunting as I get older it gets harder and harder to drag stuff around now, but the Thing is like a good hunting dog you just hate to lose her. I am going to work on her and get her some new fofraw, make her pretty and drive her this summer, I think she would like that, I know I would.

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