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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cobia Fishing

There is usually reports of a Cobia being caught down in the lower Chesapeake bay area around Memorial day, and I am ready to once again try my hand at getting me one of these "Men in the Brown Suit" again this year. I have been going after them for the past 5 years but only one or two days at a year and that brings your chances of success down real low for a guy like me. There are a couple of ways to fish for these bad boys one is to anchor up, put out a chum bucket and or grind up some oily fish. Put out your baits in the tide and wait, changing bait every 10 min or so, or between beers if you want,this is some very slow fishing.
Now other people like to run to the many markers in the bay looking for fining Cobia in the slip of the marker and cast to them. This is a little more active than plan A above as you can imagine.
The next plan is to find someone who fishes for these fish on the regular and beg up a trip, which is my plan this year! Our friend the Web Foot Gangsta has informed me that he can hook us up with a trip with a man that collects Cobia citations like wall paper. I gotta run my ol lady is wanting me to cook!

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