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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whats been going on out amongst em?

Recently I have had the opportunity to take someone hunting who had not been taught by people who liked to hunt   My cousin who lost his father when he was just weeks old never had anyone to take him and teach him how to hunt and when he asked me to go with him and give some pointers  I was overjoyed of course. Being a teacher as my profession any time I can share with someone some knowledge I might have I always will sometimes weather they ask for it or not!  He has a beautiful piece of property of 100 plus acres with field surrounded by woods and every hundred yards there is a ditch that comes out into the field by about 150 yds. making some excellent shooting. So the first night we walk his property and take in  where the deer are coming into the field, and he has corn out in one corner. I observed a lot of activity where some ditches came together and some fresh deer crap telling me this was a prime spot.  So as we work our way around a edge of the woods there stand three nice deer feeding on soybeans and not real interested in us as the wind was in our favor. However my cousin did get a lesson on noise and how those huge things sticking off of the side of their head were about 50 times bigger than ours and worked real well. A snap of a branch and the deer worked their way into the woods very quickly not giving time for a shot. As it got too dark for him to shoot comfortably we made our way back to the truck, track soup again tonight, and discussed some things that he should always keep in mind, wind direction and noise control being the most important. And we talked about his blind sitting in the middle of the field just popping up on Friday evening after work. Like you and I we may not notice when the wife puts up a gnome in the garden, but let her put a new sofa in there and it will get our attention, a little natural vegetation goes a long way in concealment. The following weekend we hunted over at my property and I put him in a spot not far from the house in a big ol comfy chair sitting 5 yards in the woods camoed up nice and he did not see any deer well neither did I, but he had a chance to get out amongst em and watch the sun come on up and what could be better than that?

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