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Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Goose Hunt

I love to shoot ducks and geese but if you have been following this site then you know I gave up hunting from a boat and now I am happy to hunt the fields. This past Sat I had the opportunity to hunt with a group of new guys in their blind and I had a real good time as well as a successful hunt. Now we did not slay them but we did bring home meat and that is just a bonus on the hunt.
These guys had the best blind set up and it held 7 of us in comfort with no one being crowded out. Basically it is four  8 foot 2x4s and a 2x10 A a ridge pole. Some light weight corrugated plastic from a huge shipping crate acted as the walls and then covered with wire to attach the marsh grass to. A very nice and cozy set up especially if you have a small heater to heat up some beanie weeines or something on! It was cold around 18 degrees and the ponds were frozen over but the river was flowing having had a barge late that evening and there were geese flying. We managed to draw in two bunches of geese and had about four come by and check us out  just not to close, then five came in and checked out our spread. "We waited till take em" time and they fell like a cheap suit. All in all we had a very successful hunt and I met some really nice guys who hopefully I did not talk them to death and they will invite me to go again. All in all I had a great time in a great blind with great guys on a cold sat morning. It just does not get better than that does it?

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