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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday hunt

Well Sat started out with a big blow and rain in the horizontal as you know I don't mind some bad weather but when it is blowing hard as well, then I am getting a little soft! My son was home and we have not had many chances to hunt this year, so off we went to our property out on saint martins neck. Tom brown was excited as always, I was wide awake by now and the tide was super high covering the marsh. We got the layout pole boat "The Black Duck" loaded with decoys and poled out in the Marsh to a spot not under direct attack from the wind, and while Billy set out the spread, I set up our hide spot. Now keep in mind the 32 ozs of coffee I had consumed just a few hours earlier was asking for release, so waders down and now I am wet also. We had a few ducks come by but black ducks are a skittish bird and anything unusual will cause them to flair away. We saw a ton of snow geese and harvested one, and though for food they are not so great for fox bait they are excellent! We saw no mallards just divers and some blacks. My ducking this year has been terrible I tell ya, and even goose hunting is slow for me this year. Hopefully things will look up in the next few weeks and I will get that duck dinner!


  1. I grew up in Bishopville, where do you hunt in that neck of the woods?

    I really enjoy your blog!


  2. our property is out on the neck next to the Mumford property. At one time it is owned by the Miller family who had a mill up on route 54. Their daughter Nancy and her husband Bill built a home next to the family camp. It is a wonderful place and more than I could ever afford to own, so I try and keep an eye on it and in return get to hunt the property. This year we will be putting up some nesting boxes, and establishing a bluebird trail on the property. A great place and an excellent opportunity to help the wildlife.