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Monday, December 28, 2009

Right to carry

I had stated earlier that possibly I would post on the process for getting a right to carry permit. As soon as I return to work I will speak with the Sheriff as to how to get the process started in Maryland, then look into Delaware. Personally I think that the first of the year is a good time to start a project like this so everyone can see what hoops are required to jump through in both states. This could help some and discourage others but it will educate us all on the process. I personally would like to find out what laws we the people are under now and set the record straight on transporting a handgun in your vehicle. As a hunter and a shooter I bet that I am in violation of some law every time I go to the range or out plinking with the 22. Can I carry a gun on my person on my own property? Keep checking on the process and soon we will have some info for you.


  1. assuming you live in Delaware, you almost certainly will not get an out-of-state permit.

    if you DO live here, the restrictions are ridiculous. even then, there's a good chance you'll be denied.

    you can carry on your person when on your personal property. i believe you can open carry on your property, but i've never asked. a great resource for these questions would be

  2. excellent information on the right to carry. I will say if you go to the link provided you will have the entire process spelled out for you. So maybe a better question is if you jump through the hoops, why would you be denied? Thanks for the info.

  3. while the state police claim they approve 95% of the applications they process, they tend to avoid processing many. it really doesn't make *any* sense whatsoever, but the running joke here is you must be dead before you get a CCW.