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Monday, November 9, 2009

practice much

If you want to be successful in your hunt then you have to practice with your weapon of choice. I personally like to hunt with a straight bow, and when possible arrows Fletched with turkey feathers, and steel broad heads. Now don't get me wrong I like my compound, and the fact I can group arrows tight as can be but there is something about the snap shot of a straight bow. But you have to practice to be successful with the instinctive shooting style associated with shooting a stick bow. Mine is a six foot hickory backed ceder bow with a string I made myself from artificial sinew, it draws 40 lbs and is perfect for my shoulders, both which have been repaired. So how often do I practice with my stick bow? I would love to tell you I shoot 25-30 arrows a nite three times a week but that is not true so I will just say I practice enough to feel confident that when I let the string release, my arrow will hit it's intended target. If you are just getting into bow shooting it is not unrealistic to go to the local range and shoot a few rounds a couple nights a week, you might also join a local club and shoot some competitively. One of my fav. ways to practice is to grab up a bunch of my junk arrows and go stump shooting or shooting leaves on the forest floor. Better yet is to go to my deer stand and shoot squirrels from my stand, plus they make tasty eating to boot! Keep your shooting challenging and varied. Different positions and targets, short and long distance shooting will help you to make the snap shot sometimes necessary for a harvest. Keep practicing and you will improve your success rate.

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