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Thursday, November 26, 2009

More guns mean More crime or More crime means More guns?

Looking through my American Rifleman magazine this morning the following story line grabbed my eye, "New FBI Crime Report Undercuts Gun Control Slogan.... Again". It seems that that every September the FBI releases it's National Crime report for the preceding year. Once again it would seem that the gun control groups are not happy with the report....again. Since 1991 when crime hit a all time high, the nations national crime rate has dropped 40% a 35 year low! Now hear this the number of privately owned firearms rose to more than 80 million, all all time high, and it reported that the number is closing in on 300 million handguns. That means to you and I that we now owen more of all types of firearms than at any time in history, even those that gun control supporters decided we should not have over the years. So more guns less crime or more crime more guns?


  1. Um, The story in American Rifleman doesn't draw a direct correlation between the number of firearms & the crime rate, but the number of firearms has risen to an all time high and crime has dropped to the lowest rate in 43 years. Draw your own conclusions. The story actually stated that privately owned firarms has risen by 80 million in that same 43 year period and that the number of all privately owned firarms (not just handguns) is approaching 300 million. You can read the entire story here:

  2. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree