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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making that hard Cider

Back some time ago I set up some sweet cider I had pressed, and let it go through it's natural fermentation process with the native yeast that were present on the apples when I pressed them. Well that went real well and the cider was working hard. When it slowed down to a bubble every couple of min. I transferred it into a clean carboy for secondary fermentation, and topped it off with some more sweet cider and additional sugar. After a couple of days I added half a packet of champagne yeast  and placed it in my closet where it is nice dark and warm. Today it is bubbling with those fine bubbles that dance in your mouth when you drink champagne, and fermenting that sugar into alcohol. Now when it is done it will clear and I will be able to sample the product and reflect on the fall harvest.

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