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Monday, October 26, 2009

Delmarva Hunting fishing License?

I don't know about you guys, but I live in Delaware, have hunting property in Maryland and Delaware and get invited to duck hunt the lower peninsula every year. A three day out of state Md. License with stamps to duck hunt, a cool $70.00. What is a sportsman to do? Besides a lease if you have to lease, boat stickers, trailer tags, hunting and fishing license, ramp fees, lot fees, well you get the ideal I am sure, what is a person to do? I know that we have all thought about it, a license for the peninsula, for those that want it. Something to think about, something to ask our elected officials to consider.


  1. I think that the peninsula license is a great idea. Even tho I don't live there anymore, I know the pain of having to pay for more than one state to hunt. And in these day and times, a man needs a day to escape to the marsh for a early morning duck hunt with friends, and not have to worry about spending his paycheck to do it. Which brings me to my next point. Why is it that i can drive three hours across three state lines, get on a licensed boat with my dad and go catch rockfish and never personally worried about a fee (exept the nice $12 toll). You can buy a sticker for your boat that covers anyone on board. Why not do the same for a duck blind/location? Why not charge a flat rate all year for that spot? Maybe pay a little more blind fee for a sticker that covers "up-to" so many un-licensed hunters in a blind. Then you could take that workin man, or U.S. vet, maybe even somebody totally new to the sport, and share with them the passion we have for the great outdoors.
    Its not cheap to hunt these days fellas, and were losing more outdoorsman because of this. Dads can't take there kids to the duck blind cause he can't afford a license to hunt a blind less then ten miles from his home or his land was leased this out from under him due to big money. This could be you, this could be your best friend, this could be the guy you work with. So, I am all for a reformed licensing on the Eastern Sho.

  2. I meant to say "out of state" hunters in a blind. NOT un-licensed.